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Translating speech offline

Is it possible to use Google speech recognition in the Google Translate application for Android while offline? clarified that Google Translate cannot translate voice offline. Are there any other ...
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Can Google Lens or other app translate separate words or phrases rather than whole sentences

I need to translate puzzles/exercises where one need to insert missing words, translating sentences result in rubbish. I think translating texts word by word could be more useful. Is it doable with ...
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Android Google translate update September 2017

So the latest android update to Google now automatically translates a Web pages. It allows you to either never translate page or never translate language. Thing is, I'm learning the language so I want ...
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Get Chrome to translate web pages

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy 10 tablet. How can I get Chrome to automatically translate a web page? My laptop will do so, either on its own or by right clicking. I have turned on Google translate, but ...
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where/how to find/extract official android os (open source) translation/localization/glossary

Since the open source android ( is available in multiple languages, can I extract all the translated strings in the OS so I can use them as a reference for my own app's ...
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How can I look up words in an eBook reader with Google Translate?

Is there way to look up words and phrases while reading an eBook in the Google Translate app? Moon reader can do that in a browser, but the translate app is much better. Here is what I ended up ...
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App that translate text from your camera? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Word Lens Alternative/Port for Android Basically, I'm interested whether there is an Android app that does what Word Lens does for the iPhone.
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Is there a Word Lens alternative/port for Android?

Any idea how we can do this in Android? For those of you at work who can't watch the video, it's a demo of an iPhone app that came out today called Word Lens, which in translates language in real-...
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