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Replacement launcher for CyanogenMod, for Android 4.0.1 and above. Needs root to install

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How to remove app shortcut from home screen (modded trebuchet launcher) after installing as system app

This tablet is proprietary, so the launcher is custom (modded trebuchet) and very limited. It runs Android 8.1. I was able to get apex launcher installed, along with root access, but I'm trying to ...
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How to change the browser of a web-shortcut?

An incompatibility between F-Droid's current version of IceCat and Android 8, makes it that I can't Add to home screen from IceCat (well, I can, but it doesn't do anything other than jump back to ...
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Make the home button go the middle screen?

With Android 8.1, the wallpaper can cover all three screens. So when you move from the first screen to the second, and from the second to the third, the wallpaper pans to a different part. This is a ...
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App names are not shown on the home screen of Trebuchet launcher

All my apps lost their text labels! I tried rebooting, but it didn't help.
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Why do widgets disappear after running out of battery?

After phone shutting down by running out of battery, when I start it again all the widgets disappear. At first I thought that this is a problem of my launcher (Apex), but even the native one (...
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Black background on Trebuchet

On my current phone (HTC Wildfire S), with a AOSPA (Paranoid Android) 4.45 ROM, I installed Trebuchet, because Launcher3 lacks features, and other customs lauchers takes a lot of battery, while my ...
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Trebuchet search application by name

I use CyanogenMod 12.1 (Android 5.1.1) with the Trebuchet launcher. How can I search for an app by its name, if I don't want to have the Google search installed?
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Fix for "Trebuchet has stopped"

I recently installed cyanogemod 12 unofficial version on my xiaomi redmi 1s.But whenever I try to lock a folder on my home screen it says "Unfortunately trebuchet has stopped working".I want to know ...
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Can the trebuchet launcher be installed on the stock ROM?

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 Android: 4.2.2 Can the trebuchet launcher be installed on the stock ROM? I can't find the app on Google Play. Where could I get this?
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Trebuchet: Disable/Hide Dock

Is there a way to disable the dock entirely on Trebuchet on CyanogenMod? I find that I always go to my main home screen before touching the app drawer out of habit, so I'd like to have that extra ...
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How to show the complete title of an app?

Some apps with a longer title show up on the launcher screen (trebuchet) with a shortened title. E.g. an application with the title "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" will be titled "abcdefghi..". The same ...
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Prevent Trebuchet from showing up in Recent Apps?

Here's the setup I have for my phone right now: I am running on a custom ROM that has Trebuchet for the home application. The custom ROM is ICS-based. I have somewhat successfully gotten Google Now (...
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Force Trebuchet to reload my widgets?

Whenever I install a new widget, I don't know if it supports ICS or not immediately because it won't show up on the Widgets tab until I restart the phone. It is highly inconvenient. Is there a way to ...
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