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Questions tagged [truecaller]

Truecaller is an all-in-one app for phone calls, contacts, text messaging, caller ID, and caller blocking.

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Truecaller reads new SMS sometimes even without having SMS permission

I use Redmi 9 Prime. On that, I use the Truecaller app. I want to use Truecaller only for calls and strictly not for SMS. So I never give SMS read permission to the Treucaller app. But still, ...
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Truecaller cannot force stop in android 13

If I force stop Truecaller application, even if it is not the default phone app, it automatically wakes up. The issue started after upgrading Android from 12 to 13. I am using Moto G72
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Export Truecaller data such as messages, call history

I would like to uninstall Truecaller but obviously be able to retain access to my call history, messages via e.g. the default apps. Is that possible, or is all data received while truecaller was ...
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