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open "" links in uber

Whenever someone sends me a shared Google Maps link, I can only open it using the Google Maps app or website; I can't choose another app like Uber. Can I change that?
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Uber Driver app using too much resources

So, I'm working a bit as a bicycle courier for Uber Eats. For this, I have to use their app Uber Driver. Problem is, my phone battery (which still holds charge well) is draining very, very fast when ...
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Uber Driver is crashing (not even start) on Android 8.1

I bought a new phone because my older was so old that Uber Driver was too slow, couldn't even use a different map service (like Google Maps or Waze). Bought a Redmi 6 (International Version), with ...
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Can't update Uber app

I installed uber app from play store. But when i try to update it then it cant update and it shows error.
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RuntimeException in Uber application: Font asset not found sans-serif

I've got my uber application completely not working for the last week. The moment I choose the target address, the applications freezes for 1 sec and then it crashes with the following error: java....
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Force Uber app to launch when requesting Uber ride within Google maps?

I am a fan of integrating ridesharing (Uber and Lyft) fare results into the travel directions interface of Google Maps, so that I may quickly compare the two companies to each other and to other forms ...
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