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How to fix "Unfortunately, has stopped"?

Every time, after booting up my device (UbiSlate 7Cz), I receive the following error message with a black background: Unfortunately, has stopped. When I tap "OK" below this ...
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How to awake my hard bricked phone?

I have a ubislate 3g7x. It has processor MT:8312ca and 512mb ram. it gives no reaction to power button. but still whenever i connect it to my pc, COM port is detected. but i dont know what to do here? ...
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root ubislate 7CI with android 4.1.1

I have one table UBISLATE 7CI (DATAWIND IC: 12016A-7CI) and I need a step by step method or program to root the device. I was trying with some suggestion but I can't find a right method. Anybody know ...
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Upgrade UbiSlate 7Cx to Android 4.2 or above

I recently purchased UbiSlate 7Cx. It is running on Android 4.0.1 and has 512 MB RAM. Since it is very slow in running application and sometime it hangs, I want to upgrade to 4.2 or 4.3. Is it ...
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