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Unihertz is a brand that manufactures diverse kinds of Android smartphones, like QWERTY and dual-screen smartphones.

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Android Accessibility Suite Doesn't Remember App Settings

Okay so, I have a Unihertz Jelly Star running Android 13. Because it has such a small screen, I'd like the ability to quickly toggle auto rotation. If I could add it as one of the functions on the ...
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Why are files suddenly disappear after downloaded on Unihertz Jelly Star?

I tried to use Videoder to download some music, but they immediately disappeared as soon as the download was finished. I'm on a Unihertz Jelly Star, and I tried downloading the files to many different ...
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What is "Navigation Bar" option on Unihertz Titan Pocket?

I have a Unihertz Titan Pocket, and when I hold the power button, I see an option for "Navigation bar". I've pressed it many times, but I don't see what it does. Does anyone know?
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