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Is it possible to find out what apps created a given file/folder? [duplicate]

I want to keep track of the application that created the folder. I use an Android phone. And some apps automatically creates unnecessary folders in the root directory of my phone. I want to know where ...
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How to identify the app/process which re-mounts partitions R/W, creates files and changes file permissions?

I have a rooted device, with superuser rights granted to a few apps I trust. I have often found my /system or /vendor partition mounted read/write, and some files chmoded to 0777. Similarly ...
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How to delete my personal files retained by an app?

I'm using Android Excel and Word apps on a non-rooted Galaxy Note 8. Over the past months I've opened a couple of files from external sources (email and SD card), but was shocked to find these files ...
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How to find out which apps are creating *.space files in Internal Storage?

There is a folder at internal memory: .space/ Inside it has one folder that is a big hash name (probably sha1sum), and inside that folder there are lots of files (also named as a hash something like ...
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