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How can I use external modem for voice calls on Android tablet?

My tablet doesn't support calling/messaging function by default and also it doesn't have an app for that by default. Is it possible? In my case I use Micromax Infinity P275 tablet and Huawei E1732 ...
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IP address using 3G/4G modem (USB on the go)

If I use a 3G USB (on the go) modem on my Android device, do I get the IP assigned by the Carrier as the SIM card was inside of the device? Does it appear as usb0 in ifconfig? Thank you. PS I would ...
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How can i run At-commadns with the ADB?

I'm trying to communicate with the modem of my Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 over the ADB tool. My galaxy is rooted and is accessible through adb. I'm attempting to execute AT-commands over the adb-tool....
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How to customise Android or LineageOS build and add own drivers

I am trying to build kinda car computer for my own use. As hardware I am using a Raspberry Pi CM4. There is an awesome build by KonstaKANG of LineageOS for Raspberry Pi and it generally is working ok. ...
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Can a WiFi modem be directly connected to an android and use the android phone's usb tethering (via an adapter)?

I have an old wifi modem which lacks usb port. I was wondering if we could an rj45 to usb adaptor to use the internet connection from the android device via usb tethering? Or if there is any other way ...
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USB Tethering in host mode

Using Android 9 running on a Quectel SOC with 1 USB port, I want to share the Android SOCs internet connection via ethernet over USB with another system (embedded Linux), but also allow USB host ...
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To use the internet of my phone for PC

I have a Smartphone with cellular internet and I tried to use this internet with a PC, with a USB cable, as I made in the past with a cell phone. It doesn't work: Not in Ubuntu 16.04, nor in window ...
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How to use usb modem to connect to Internet on Sony Xperia Z Ultra running Lollipop?

I have a Tata Photon+ internet usb modem. But I am not able to access internet through it when connected my device. Whenever I connect the modem to my android device nothing shows up that you are ...
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WonderMedia 8650 ICS 4.0.3 - what is "3g_server"

I'm trying to understand how a WM-8650 based Android tablet running ICS 4.0.3 manages its 3G connection using a USB modem. I've used OpenWRT-based linux routers in the past, and these use ...
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