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questions regarding connecting an Android device via USB to e.g. a computer's USB interface

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How to set up reverse tethering over USB?

My HTC G2 phone is rooted and running Cyanogenmod 7 I don't have a data plan. Sometimes I want to connect the phone to the Internet when there isn't Wi-Fi, to update Market apps, backup SMS messages ...
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ADB constantly disconnects, shows device offline

I'm not 100% sure if this should go here or the main Stack Overflow, but I decided to go with this area in hope I might catch someone with more specific experience with a similar problem. I have a ...
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Use an Android tablet as a Wacom drawing tablet for a PC?

Since a nice Wacom tablet is a bit pricey, especially for someone like me who doesn't do much graphic editing, I was wondering if it is possible to use a tablet (i.e. my Nexus 7) as a Wacom-esque ...
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Mount Android device directly in Mac OS X Finder

I have a Nexus 5 and I have to use Android File Transfert to copy/check my files. It's working but it's not enough for me. For example, if I want to see my picture, there is only a list view, no ...
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Android phone "charging slowly": How to make it faster

When I put my Android device to charge, the lock screen says "Charging slowly": Is it a particular software setting that tells Android to charge slowly? How to make Android charge fast?
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Can I use my Android device as Wi-Fi Adapter for my PC (i.e. Tethering to PC through USB, but using Wi-Fi not Phone Network)?

I want to use my Android phone to connect a desktop (windows 7) PC to the internet via Wi-Fi (ie, not muching though my Data plan). Is this possible with the various tethering options out there? The ...
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Why is charging from computer using USB slower than using an outlet?

And what is roughly the ratio of the charging speed in USB vs charger? My phone is Samsung Galaxy S, if that matters.
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Is there a way to see the device's screen *live* on PC, through ADB? [duplicate]

I am a vlogger and after getting HTC Desire HD, found out its camera was all I ever needed. However, I usually have to see myself while recording video, to control my facial expressions, and with a ...
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Drive letter for MTP connection under Windows

In Android 3.0, the connection to the PC as a Mass Storage Controller feature was removed. Is there a way to access the MTP-mounted phone as a drive letter? I want standard file manager programs (e.g. ...
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What is the fastest way to transfer huge files beween two android powered devices?

What is the fastest way to transfer huge files (e.g. 500MB) between two android powered devices? Bluetooth? WiFi direct? Beam? or maybe USB on-the-go?
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What is USB debugging? Can I keep it ON forever?

Sometimes I need to transfer some music from my PC to my Galaxy S2 and must always activate USB debugging. Then I think, can I keep it ON forever? I mean, Keep it ON for ever can give me a problem (...
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Can you connect USB devices to an Android phone?

I have an HTC Desire and would like to connect USB devices to it, for example an external USB thumb drive to transfer files or a USB keyboard. Is this at all possible?
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Disable USB charging

For some reasons not related to the battery life, I need to disable the battery charging when a USB host is connected to my phone (a rooted Nexus 4). Taking a look around on the internet (link1, link2)...
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Recursive adb pull

How to copy a whole directory (and all of its content recursively) over USB with adb pull? For instance to backup the SD card. Attempt: $ adb pull /sdcard backup failed to copy '/sdcard' to 'backup':...
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Open command prompt to access folders of a USB connected Android phone

If I connect a Phone with my Windows 7 machine via USB, it shows up in explorer with a name e.g. Nexus 5. How can I open a command prompt and change directory to this device. For lettered drives, I ...
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Are there USB settings in CyanogenMod 10? If so, where?

When I shut off USB Debugging in the developer settings I get a USB Mass Storage prompt upon connecting the device to my computer. However, for the life of me I can't find a place to shut off this ...
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Unable to connect Galaxy S3 to PC via USB

I've had my Galaxy S3 for a few months now, and have always been able to connect to my PC via USB. A few days ago, it suddenly stopped working. I've found many other Android.SE threads, but none have ...
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What's the difference between "sd card" and "usb storage"?

Under Settings -> Storage, I see entries for both "SD card" and "USB storage". What's the difference? What should I be using each of those for? In addition, how can I control what data goes where? ...
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Is it possible to boot an Android phone from a USB drive?

Is there any way to boot an Android phone* from a bus-powered USB drive**? If so, what are the steps to achieve this? * E.g. one with USB OTG functionality. ** E.g. a flash drive.
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Charging over USB can be harmful?

Considering that charging over USB can take around 5 hours (to only 1-2 hours it would take from the wall mounted plug), can it be harmful for the smartphone battery if it's always charged from USB?
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Using Droid as a computer microphone via USB?

Is it possible to use my Droid as a computer microphone (for Skype, Teamspeak, etc) via the USB cord? If not, does anyone know of a Teamspeak client app? Any help would be appreciated.
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Can you read a USB flash drive from an Android phone?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) with Android 2.1. I am wondering if it can read a USB flash drive. It will be really useful to copy files across USB drives so you don't have to carry laptops around....
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Samsung Galaxy S3 not connecting via USB

Since about a week, my S3 doesn't connect anymore via usb to any computer. I don't think it's driver related as it was working before and I didn't change anything on the computers. It now runs Jelly ...
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"MTP USB Device" driver error (screenshot) when connecting my Galaxy S to my PC in Kies mode -- How can I resolve this problem?

I always got this error when trying to connect my Galaxy S to my PC in Kies mode. I can connect it as "Mass storage" with no problem. But I need to connect with Kies mode to get 2.2 (froyo), but I ...
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Can a device pretend to be a USB keyboard?

What I'm looking for: Is there a way to make the device claim to be a keyboard/HID when plugged into a USB port and "type in" the contents of the clipboard? More accurately; What would it take to ...
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Android USB reverse tethering: How to fool the apps

USB reverse tethering = Cellphone gets network connection from PC via USB. I know how to do USB reverse tethering except for one problem: Many Android apps will check network connection using the ...
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USB transfer speed ridiculously slow

My Android connection to my computer is ridiculously slow. Just previous to this, I used Banshee to transfer some songs to my Android, and it took nearly two hours two transfer 23 songs. (The problem ...
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Are Android chargers universal in terms of power (Voltage, amperage)?

I would like to buy a car charger, wall charger and USB cables for my Samsung Intercept. However, $20 for a charger seems expensive and I want to avoid getting ripped off. The Samsung Intercept Manual ...
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What's the name of the protocol that android devices use in debug mode?

I have a strange Android prototype what we got from a customer. Said customer has forgotten about it, and I'm now fiddling with it to see if I can make it do anything interesting. The device appears ...
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My screen got broken, how to see on the computer what I'm doing in my device?

My Android device screen got broken and I can't see what I'm doing. That's the only wrong thing with my device, the rest is apparently working OK. Is there any way to send my device screen to my ...
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How do I disable the USB Connected notification?

Every time I plug in my phone, I get a notification for USB connected. Is there any way to disable the notification, without disabling USB debugging? Phone: LG Optimus S Carrier: Sprint Android: 2.2, ...
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Use USB as network access for an Android device (reverse tethering)? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to set up reverse tethering over USB? Note I'm not talking about getting my PC network access through my Android device, I'm talking the opposite. I sit in a dead spot ...
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Stream Sound from Ubuntu to Android

I got tired of replugging my headset between a desktop and Android when someone calls me. Is there a way to stream sound from Ubuntu (I use Pulseaudio) to Android phone over wifi or usb?
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Can I turn my Android device into a webcam?

If so, how? Could it be implemented via a USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection?
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Connect a USB soundcard to an Android phone? And use it for videos?

Is it possible to connect a USB soundcard to an Android phone, with an USB OTG cable? ... and then use this USB soundcards's stereo input as audio when making a video with the phone?
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simultaneous USB-OTG and charging

I'm trying to charge my Nexus 7 2013 while using USB-OTG. I built the widely described Y-cable that does USB passthrough, grounds the sense pin (yellow lead) through a 100 k resistor, and connects ...
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Galaxy S3 is unable to transfer files over USB: "USB device not recognized"

I have Galaxy S3 with baseband version I9300XXLFB and I'm having problems when it is connected to the PC. I cannot transfer or retrieve any files or data over USB. When I plug it in to my PC, it ...
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How to backup broken screen phone when USB debugging IS NOT enabled?

I dropped my Samsung S3. Now I cannot see anything, just a white screen with purple, black, and green lines. Before it blanked out, it wasn't recognizing my finger touch. Any idea on how or what to ...
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Micro USB cables that only charge but no data, no mounting etc (Samsung Galaxy S)

Not all cables seem to be created equal but I've never got to the bottom of why so many (cheap) cables I try only charge - no data. Anyone know why? Certain pins not connecting? I do know that longer ...
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Connect an Android tablet to ethernet

I use tablet with Android in a professional environment and the it department doesn't accept to install wifi. My tablet need to synchronise with CSV file on a LAN share. I'm looking for solutions. ...
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My Mac doesn't recognize my Galaxy S2 through USB

My Snow Leopard Mac doesn't recognize my Samsung Galaxy S2 for file transfer over USB, and it's starting to drive me nuts. I've tried the following: Connect Storage to PC Settings > Wireless and ...
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How to prevent Android from creating "Android" and "Lost.dir" folders on external OTG storage?

If I either connect my camera using a USB cable via OTG or insert the SD card in an OTG reader connected to the phone, Android creates automatically two folders: an Android folder and a Lost.Dir ...
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Can I connect my android phone to the LAN, via an ethernet cable?

I want to connect my Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-120S Android version 4.0 (rooted) to the internet via a LAN connection. I am sensitive to wifi and network radiation, hence want to make a line connection and ...
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Plugging phone into laptop charges laptop instead of phone

When I plug my father's Xiaomi 5X into my MacBook Pro, it shows up as a charger on the MacBook and I don't get the usual USB options on the phone. Tried it on two Macs with same result. Also tried my ...
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How to use "USB Mass Storage Mode" on Android 4.3+

Followup on How has USB File Transfer changed in Android changed over the years? I've learned that Android 4.3 and later versions don't have this feature because Micro$oft. Newer options, Media ...
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Can I stream video from PC to an android device over USB?

I'd like to be able to stream video to my android phone (Samsung Galaxy S rooted 2.2) from a PC running Windows XP (I'm at work!). There's no wireless network here, VLC and similar marketplace apps ...
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Using USB peripherals with hardware debug

I have a developer tablet, and I also need some peripherals connected via USB to my tablet and debug cable at the same time. I tried to connect USB hub to my tablet using OTG cable, by got the problem ...
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How do I turn my Android into a USB Webcam?

I can turn it into an IP Webcam fairly easily using a myriad of apps + iSpy on the desktop. However, even with 2 gigabit wifi, framerate seems unreasonably poor. Therefore, I would like to plug in my ...
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Is there a quick-fix for the Galaxy Nexus when it signals "charging" without beeing connected via USB?

My Galaxy Nexus goes into charging mode but when it isn't plugged in. The battery symbol then indicates a charging and when in suspend mode, the display turns on which drains battery rapidly. I am ...
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How to use an Android device as bluetooth USB dongle?

Is there a way to use my android device as a bluetooth USB dongle without rooting it?
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