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1 answer

Why does Hotspot get disabled on Galaxy S23+ when I receive a call?

I recently upgraded (?) from a Galaxy S8 to an S23+. On the S8, I could use the hotspot and receive a call at the same time, without any interruption. However, if I receive a call on the S23+, it ...
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1 answer

Hide VoLTE icon on Samsung

I used to be able to turn off VoLTE, but since a recent update, if I select 5G, VoLTE can't be disabled anymore (it is grayed out). I don't mind it being on, I just want to hide the icon. If I select ...
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What are the factors affecting the ability to enable/disable VoLTE?

In response to this zero-day vulnerabilities for certain Exynos chipsets, I tried to turn off VoLTE on Samsung Galaxy S9 running Android 10 (build number QP1A.190711.020.G960USQU9FVB2) but couldn't ...
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1 answer

How to check if my Android device supports the carrier's VoLTE?

Straight Talk, my carrier, informed me that my phone Xiaomi Mi 9T pro is not capable of using VoLTE. My phone states it is enabled for VoLTE. Also has an icon (volte) next to my status bar. I was also ...
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Bluetooth Headset does not work with VoLTE

I have a strange situation where my Bluetooth headset does not work for (most) VoLTE calls. More specifically, I can perfectly hear the other end, while they are unable to hear me. Is there a way to ...
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Able to text and use internet, but no phone calls

It is a refurbished Yureka Note. I added a newly activated sim in it. It's sending and receiving text messages. After saving the gprs/mms settings sent by mobile operator, I am able to use internet (...
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Are VoLTE standards same across the world?

I have a SIM-free Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F/DS) model. And in my home country (India) VoLTE works fine on it. I'm moving to Japan soon and was thinking of getting a Japanese SIM (The name of the carrier is ...
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2 answers

Activating VoLTE in Moto X Force

I had recently had a hand on my friend's Moto X Force 1580. The phone works on Android 7.0. I went through the web and found out some guys claiming to make Moto X Style to work on VoLTE. I followed ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Suddenly VOLTE not working on my moto g4 plus

I was using VOLTE services (from reliance jio in India) seamlessly since November 2016, but since June 2017 it suddenlt stopped working. I get an error "Unable to place call. Please try another method"...
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2 votes
2 answers

VoLTE is working in preinstalled Cyanogen OS but not in CyanogenMod

I was trying to use VoLTE in my phone but eventually landed up with result: CyanogenOS can run VoLTE based SIM card CyanogenMod can't run them. Tried 1. Setting LTE Only option in ##4636## 2. ...
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