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Questions tagged [voice-over-lte]

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4 votes
3 answers

Suddenly VOLTE not working on my moto g4 plus

I was using VOLTE services (from reliance jio in India) seamlessly since November 2016, but since June 2017 it suddenlt stopped working. I get an error "Unable to place call. Please try another method"...
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2 votes
0 answers

Are VoLTE standards same across the world?

I have a SIM-free Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F/DS) model. And in my home country (India) VoLTE works fine on it. I'm moving to Japan soon and was thinking of getting a Japanese SIM (The name of the carrier is ...
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2 answers

VoLTE is working in preinstalled Cyanogen OS but not in CyanogenMod

I was trying to use VoLTE in my phone but eventually landed up with result: CyanogenOS can run VoLTE based SIM card CyanogenMod can't run them. Tried 1. Setting LTE Only option in ##4636## 2. ...
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Why does Hotspot get disabled on Galaxy S23+ when I receive a call?

I recently upgraded (?) from a Galaxy S8 to an S23+. On the S8, I could use the hotspot and receive a call at the same time, without any interruption. However, if I receive a call on the S23+, it ...
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Able to text and use internet, but no phone calls

It is a refurbished Yureka Note. I added a newly activated sim in it. It's sending and receiving text messages. After saving the gprs/mms settings sent by mobile operator, I am able to use internet (...
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What are the factors affecting the ability to enable/disable VoLTE?

In response to this zero-day vulnerabilities for certain Exynos chipsets, I tried to turn off VoLTE on Samsung Galaxy S9 running Android 10 (build number QP1A.190711.020.G960USQU9FVB2) but couldn't ...
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Bluetooth Headset does not work with VoLTE

I have a strange situation where my Bluetooth headset does not work for (most) VoLTE calls. More specifically, I can perfectly hear the other end, while they are unable to hear me. Is there a way to ...
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