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Do any versions of Google's "Voice Typing" work completely offline?

Do any versions of Google's "Voice Typing" work completely offline? Note that when I specify "completely offline", I mean with absolutely no data sent to Google or other parties.
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How do I keep speech-to-text active in Gboard even during silences?

I often use Gboard's speech-to-text to do voice typing. However, every time I pause speaking for a few seconds, I have to reactivate this feature by clicking the microphone on the keyboard. How do I ...
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Google Assistant voice search is slightly modifying my search queries

Has anyone else noticed when voice searching with Google Assistant it'll sometimes change your query slightly but to a question you didn't ask? This is not a simple case of mis-hearing spoken words; ...
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Voice typing new line

I have a Samsung S9 running Android version 10 (q). I frequently use the Google speech to text facility on the keyboard. I can make it do punctuation like commas and periods however I cannot make it ...
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Why does Google Voice Typing transcribe certain words incorrectly, and not offer alternatives?

There are a few words that I use in everyday conversation that Google Voice Typing doesn't seem to want to recognize. The first is "extraordinarily." It always transcribed "extraordinary Lee." The ...
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Google automatic typing

How to turn off automatic Google typing when I turned on automatically and I've tried everything else just turn it off to get my keyboard back `
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How can I re-enable keyboard typing? From voice?

I'm now stuck with Voice Input as the only typing mode because I accidentally chose it. How can I re-enable keyboard typing?
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