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1 vote
0 answers

Can someone please confirm expected output from logcat on volume button hardkey press and release?

I have a stock OnePlus 8T+ 5G TMO that has been displaying very strange behavior. It would ask if I want to boot into safe-mode every time I try to power down or restart, and sometimes it would ...
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Floating Icon on Home - What is this called?

My volume keys are dead because of some of my stupid mistakes. So I have downloaded a Volume button assist app, that always displays + and - buttons that simulate the volume button behaviour. I ...
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0 answers

Boot into recovery without Volume Key

My Android 9 Phone is stuck in bootloop. It is rooted. My phone Vol Down Key is broken. Is there a way to boot into recovery without using vol button. (similar questions only had device specific ...
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Android Sound Drop Down Menu - Volume Buttons Broken

As displayed in this image is there a sound control for Android notification/drop down menu? Alternatively some other mechanism. The volume buttons are broken on my phone. Ideally well rated app.
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2 answers

Is there a way to enter recovery mode without using home and volume keys?

I have a Samsung device and i need to use the Android recovery mode for some reason.As for Samsung, i have to use the volume-down and home key to enter recovery mode But the problem is, my home key ...
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0 votes
1 answer

How to boot with a volume button?

I have a motorola-moto-g which has a broken power button. I tried to fix my button by gluing it but now it seems that the button connection is somehow isolated and unworking completely, similar to ...
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How to boot into emergency mode in LG ( L3 E400)

How can I enter into emergency mode, using adb or command or any application, without pressing down volume button. Because, my device's volume down button is broken.
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0 answers

Volume down no longer silents call

On my LG G3, the volume down button no longer silent incoming calls for some reason. Does anyone know how to re-enable it?
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Nexus 5 volume-down button stuck, cannot boot non-safe mode

I got a bit of liquid onto my phone, and now the volume-down button on my Nexus 5 doesn't seem to work. The button itself doesn't bother me much, but every time I reboot the phone, it goes into ...
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