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Install Wechat Chinese version outside China

Wechat has 2 versions, one for China (Weixin) and one for outside China (Wechat). I need some functions only available in the Chinese version. How can I turn my international WeChat into a Chinese ...
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WeChat app keeps auto-opening on phone unlock

Since this morning, whenever I open and unlock my phone, it buzzes quickly upon unlock and opens the Wechat app, even though I have force closed it and cleared the cache. I have also restarted my ...
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Is it safe to delete "Tencent/MicroMsg/diskcache" folder?

Is it ok to delete Tencent - MicroMsg - diskcache folder in Samsung Galaxy S3? It's related to WeChat.
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How to delete one's region in WeChat?

In the Android WeChat messaging app, it is possible to set up a region in one's account settings (Me -> tap user name -> Region). This region setting is then shown to all contacts in one's profile. ...
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Copying WeChat Sight Videos from S4

I use the WeChat messenging application on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition (GT-I9515). Among its features, users can send short videos as so-called Sights. I am trying to copy these videos to my ...
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