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Is the "History" tab gone from Wikipedia after latest update?

After latest update to Wikipedia mobile app for Android (3-4 weeks ago, the one that introduced many changes in user interface), I cannot find "History" functionality or tab. I've checked ...
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Wikipedia app or Gmail doubles Wiki image sizes when sharing them

I am sharing a lot of images and articles from mobile Wikipedia app to my Gmail account. Today I noticed that either app itself or Gmail is doubling image sizes during this course of action. For ...
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Unable to open Wikipedia app on Android TV

I have Mi TV 4a pro and I want to open Wikipedia app on it. I had installed Wikipedia app on TV via pendrive but when I open the app it crashes. Is there is any way? Further I had installed chrome ...
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As of vendors - whose bootloaders are easy to unlock, and whose not?

The vendors differ in their attitude to unlocking the bootloader. Some require codes for unlocking, some not. Some require proprietary, Windows-only software, other not. Which of the vendors are ...
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How to enable USB Storage for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" Tablet

I have these Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" Tablet, ever since I bought it and the first time it prompted me if I wanna enable USB mass storage when I connected it to the computer, and I selected charge ...
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Terminal-IDE: Is there a working wiki somewhere to discuss issues unique to this environment?

I'm trying to use the "Terminal-IDE" development environment. I think it's FANTASTIC from what I can see so far, but at the moment its promise is more than it delivers (to me at least) because I'm ...
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How can I get an offline version of wikitravel on my Froyo phone?

I'm looking for a way to get an offline version of wikitravel on my Froyo phone (Desire if it makes any difference) I know of wapedia, but I really need an offline copy of the site... Any obvious way ...
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Handle private/company wiki from an Android phone

I'm currently using the Oddmuse wiki to document things, both personal and work related. What I'd like to do is to find an Android app along with a wiki engine which enables me to read and make ...
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