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Is it possible using Cerberus to enable ADB Debugging on my broken android

I have a OnePlus Nord 5G and stupidly I never enabled ADB Debugging, and now the screen is completely ruined. However, I still have the Cerberus connectivity. I have tried through the various means ...
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How to list all SSIDs on which ADB Wireless is allowed?

When connecting a phone to ADB wirelessly, the user must allow Wireless Debugging on the current wifi network, with an option to remember the preference. Is there a way to programmatically read the ...
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Wireless ADB is connecting forever after wifi turned off and on

I connected my Watch (Galaxy Watch5) to wireless debug to Android Studio (latest), with "Pair using pairing code". Everything worked perfectly, but the watch turned off its wifi, and ...
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Remote connect adb to android device

How can I use adb shell for an android device wireless and remotely? With ssh, wifi, or bluetooth. For example can I connect to my mobile from laptop with bluetooth and use adb shell in laptop for my ...
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"Could not launch inspector" when using App Inspector on Android Studio Bumblebee 2021.1.1.1 with WiFi pairing

When we use a "pair device using WiFi" in Android Studio Bumblebee version 2021.1.1, in the "App Inspection" section, it gives us an error in reading the "Database". ...
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Wireless debugging option disabled after flight mode enabled and disabled

I am working on an app so need to connect to the device through wireless pairing. I frequently put the device in flight mode and this turns off the wireless option as desired. But when I switch off ...
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