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Pixel 7 Android 13 - what could cause wlan0 to change to wlan1?

I have an FTP server on my phone that auto-starts with Tasker to perform unattended backups. Recently it stopped working. As I debugged the issue I found errors in the log of "unable to connect ...
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Is possible to scan networks using a script from wlan/ti folder?

I have cloned and i want to execute network scanning using iwlist command from wireless-tools package in Termux, i would like to fetch and ...
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Android 11 WPA Enterprise

There are a lot of threads about Android 11 and WPA Enterprise, but none of it seems to have a solution for my specific problem. I'm using a UniFi WLAN infrastructure with a connected FreeRADIUS. ...
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How to block an Access Point by BSSID?

I connect to the corporate WiFi and sometimes my phone connects to the other AP with the same name (with poor signal). How can I prevent it on my Android? I have root.
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I can just access Google and YouTube via a Wi-Fi hotspot created by my Windows 7 laptop. What’s wrong?

I have followed every step of this instruction, but my Android phone can only access Google and YouTube – and no other websites. What is wrong? It may be due to a DNS-server problem, but I cannot ...
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Cannot log in to google account when on data (works on Wifi)

Device: Lenovo A806 with Android 4.4.2 Problem: Cannot log in to google account while on data (works on wifi) Description: Cannot open google play (connection failed, retry) or add a new google ...
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Network latency spikes every 20 seconds

On my LG G3 running Android 5.0 I have a problem that I started to notice while playing Clash Royale (a real time multiplayer game). My actions would sometimes have a delay of up to 2 seconds. Other ...
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Use mobile internet though connected to WLAN

On an Linux based system I created a WLAN Hotspot. I want to provide a single webpage via a webserver on this system. When I connect my Android devices to it they expect to get internet over this ...
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How to connect a PC and android?

I wanted to share files between my computer and android device but always connecting them with a cable is a trouble. Is there a way to use my phone's WLAN network and my PC's WLAN to do this(without ...
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Reconnect to WLAN automatically

Android sometimes has this strange habit of not automatically reconnecting, when it looses connection to the router. I have an Android tablet running 24/7 using a bot to do stuff on the Internet. But ...
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