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wpa_supplicant issues on android phone

Disclaimer: My knowledge of android as well as the inner workings of wifi connections are exceedingly limited. Additionally, I'm new to stackoverflow, so I might just be the worst customer you had... ...
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Does Android send Wi-Fi probe requests to saved hidden networks?

Let's put this scenario: I manually add an existing Wi-Fi network that does not broadcast SSID. For some reason the encryption passphrase doesn't match, so authentication is impossible. Previously ...
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How to recover stored wifi password?

My Android device (A Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F, version 6.0.1) has different wi-fi networks saved. I would like to recover some of the password it has stored. Browsing through the web I searched ...
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In which Android system file can I remove Wi-Fi password field?

If I would root my device based on Android (v4.0.4), which system file and how can I change to remove from the graphic interface the field where we manually type a password when connecting to new Wi-...
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Connecting to WiFi via ADB Shell

I've tried all publicly discussed methods I could find to connect to WiFi via ADB on a phone with a broken screen (no display/no touch). The closest I have got is via wpa_cli using the method #1 ...
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How is it possible to export the wpa_supplicant.conf from tablet?

My tablet is connect to a wifi requiring EAP method, phase 2 authentification, login+password and proxy. and It works well. The thing is i want to do the same for a RPi, but I don't know how to ...
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wpa_supplicant.conf permission

So I'm facing this problem for a while now . What happens is that my phone reboots automatically sometimes and after the reboot I can't use my WiFi . The button is stuck at off: So after doing some ...
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How does wpa_supplicant differ from the Linux (say Debian) version

What are the major differences between wpa_supplicant found on a Debian Linux distribution and that wpa_supplicant found on android? PS: please apology if the question is too generic's user avatar
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How to get back accidentally deleted `wpa_supplicant` file?

I was trying to get Ad-Hoc working on my Konka i127 Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 phone, and I accidentally deleted my wpa_supplicant file. Now, I cannot turn on my Wi-Fi connection anymore. How do I get ...
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Recovering Wifi Password without Root on Galaxy Note 3 [duplicate]

I am trying to recover WiFi password without rooting my phone. There are 2 ways I found online. One using a file explorer and the next is using ADB. I tried using ADB but I failed in doing so. I'm ...
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WiFi not starting : accidentally deleted wpa_supplicant file

My device is moto g xt1033 android 5.0.2 (rooted). During my experiments for enabling reverse tethering over USB, I accidentally replaced the original WPA_supplicant file from system/bin folder with ...
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Export WiFi x509 client certificate

My Android (4.4) device has a WiFi configured which uses WPA2-TLS authentication with client certificates. I got my hands on the wpa_supplicant configuration and the relevant entry looks like this: ...
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Decrypting wpa_supplicant.conf on Samsung Galaxy mobiles

When I do cat on wpa_supplicant.conf file on Samsung mobiles, I see that the passwords are encrypted. But when I open the same file on LG mobiles, I can see the passwords in plain text. This is what ...
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Sony Xperia L WiFi and Bluetooth not turning on

It happened a couple of months ago when I accidentally relocked my bootloader through the Flashtool instead of Backup TA , wifi and bluetooth became inconsistent and kept on crashing the phone. It ...
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How to force wpa_supplicant to connect to AP and skip scanning

I have been using wpa_supplicant to connect to an AP on an Android device running ICS. I have defined a few APs within the network block in the wpa_suplicant.conf file. The problem is every time the ...
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