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For questions about ZOOM Cloud Meetings app. For a general screen zooming feature, please use [zooming] instead.

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Is it possible to take a screenshot or audio/video recording of a Zoom meeting?

When being invited to join a Zoom meeting on an Android phone, is it possible to take a screenshot or audio/video recording of the meeting, using any other applications installed on the phone?
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How to turn off incoming phone calls while I am on a zoom / whatsapp call?

Often I am on an important whatsapp or zoom video call meeting and it gets suddenly interrupted due to an incoming phone call. Looks like my data gets temporarily disconnected when an incoming call ...
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Bluetooth headsets do not work with Zoom

Bluetooth headsets do not work with Zoom on my phone (a Samsung S21). I have seen similar complaints many times on other forums, but not found a solution yet. I have read speculation that Android ...
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How can one disable incoming videos on Zoom?

How can one disable incoming videos on Zoom? I use Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android 10. E.g. in MS Teams one may do it as follows:
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Use an Android tablet as a Wacom drawing tablet for a Mac?

How do I share Android tablet's screen while attending zoom meeting from Mac? I know there is a zoom plugin to share iPhone/iPad screen but is it possible to do the same with an Android tablet? (using ...
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Why is it that the Zoom app on tv box don't have a video icon?

I already installed USB camera app to my tv box and the camera is working. But when I try to call on messenger the camera icon in messenger is not working the recepient cannot see me but I can see him....
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How can I control volume of Zoom app?

I have installed official Zoom app for my Motorola One / Android 10.0 to be able to join meetings directly from my mobile phone as an alternative to the regular PC connection. However, I have each ...
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How do I turn off the sound of Zoom on Android? (not the mic)

I'm joining a Zoom call on my laptop, but I also want to join the same call on my Android device in order to share my Android device's screen and to use my Android device's camera. I don't want to ...
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How to solve the audio problem in Zoom Cloud Meeting for Android TV

I have an audio problem running Zoom for Android on TV Box. Details below: I have successfully installed Zoom for Android on a TV Box which is then connected to a Samsung QLED TV. I also attached a ...
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"Package installer keeps stopping" error when trying to uninstall Zoom Android app

I have a Nokia 6.1 Plus running Android 10. I am unable to uninstall the Zoom Android app. When I try to uninstall, I receive an error message "Package installer keeps stopping". I don't ...
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How do I record audio of an application when sharing the screen on Zoom Android?

I am using Android's Zoom application to screen share with other people. They all see my screens are fine, but the audio from the application is mute. I can mute and unmute the hardware microphone (it ...
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Zoom app won't cast audio via Miracast

I have a Huawei Mate 20 Lite that uses Miracast for screen mirroring. So far I've been successfully able to share Zoom video calls to my TV, but the audio stubbornly refuses to share to the TV. I've ...
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