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zte score is zte mobile phone can be remotely accessed by anyone with an easily-obtained password.

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ZTE Score only booting to recovery

I have a ZTE N788 MTS352 CDMA Mobile unlocked to use any CDMA in India. Rooted it perfectly. Deleted unwanted APP, by mistake deleted one sys app "wall paper change"- after that mob. not working. when ...
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How to fix a ZTE Score after multiple adjustments

I have recently downloaded Link2SD and made another partition to get more app space and it worked. Even recently, I made a 2nd partition to see if I could create more space, but then when I rebooted, ...
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How can I root my ZTE Score?

I'm new to Android, but I just heard about rooting; and I'm already interested. Anyway, I've been looking around, but I can't find a way to root my ZTE Score. :-( So my question is simple: Does ...
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