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How to fix failed CM install on moto g?

I have tried to root my moto g, which had the bootloader unlocked, and was on 5.1 GPE to install CM 11.

I have had a lot of issues...

First I successfully installed the CWM recovery, when I went into it it was flickering for some reason. After a reboot the recovery was even gone.

Installed it again, booted into android, put the cm file into storage, went back into recovery, installed it from there. I did not do a format first because it would have deleted the cm file as well...


So CM installed, upon boot, the cyan logo was flickering, then it was encryption unsuccessful and had to restart, after many restarts it was the same...

Now I have not access to the storage so I cannot even put on another rom, and the installed rom does not start. No idea what to do.

I tried some other recoveries (as that's all I can do at the moment) all of them flicker.


Any help appreciated.

#solution# I side loaded a stock rom :

But before I did so, there was a f2fs <> ext4 setting I enabled in philz touch. Now its working well.

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