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Using USB On The Go files with the stock android music app?

I have a Huawei Accend Mate 2. I have a flash drive with a micro USB connector (as well as a USB connecter). I have music files on it. Is there a way I can get the stock music app to "see" these files? I would like to include them in playlists etc. without loading them all to the phone itself (micro SD card).

The only name is Music and it is version 4.7.16. The only way I can see the files is with ES File Explorer. If I tap a music file when I am in ES File Explorer, it will play but only after a little pop-up message saying something like connecting to or something like that. It does not seem like the apps on my phone see the files on the USB drive.

I could but I have a bunch of playlists set up in the stock music player. I would also run into the same problem with other files like pictures and video. I expected the On The Go function would have made this a bit more seamless.