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Is there a method to record video chat app (Google Duo, Skype, Tango, etc.) straight to the phone?

I am trying to record all the video calls with my parents. However, every video chat app that I know does not support a recording option. I have tried 3rd-party screen recording apps but they did not work. It seems the screen recording app clashes with the video chat app for the microphone. So, all I get is a recorded video chat without sound, or a good recorded video chat but the person who I am calling cannot hear my voice.

edit: as of 01-20-2023, if you are using samsung devices, you can record the whole conversation. Just click built-in screen recorder in the quick panel. The size of the file will be big but it is worth it. I am not sure about other android devices.

I searched everywhere and even contacted Google support but with no luck.

Would it be possible, or would I have to wait for the video chat app to start supporting recording?