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What is MMI Group?

So on my Samsung Tab A there is a app in the app settings called "MMI Group" and it takes lots of permissions, when researching lots of users also have this app that takes lots of permissions so it could be some test to see if all the permissions work or something but it seems VERY sketchy and you can only force stop that's it but when researching someone else said they contacted support and it was not a preinstalled app which is extremely sketchy, I have scanned my tablet with malwarebytes though and I don't install sketchy things.

So when looking someone found the app on phones in the store so I think it's just some wierd app that gets installed a lot and maybe it's from the google play store or google idk.

But point is you can't uninstall or stop the app from using permissions and it says that the app is needed for the system.

When I went on Malwarebytes I discovered that it said:

  1. It's a system app

  2. "Updated: Dec 31, 2008 "

  3. This date is the same for automation test, some priv. something and things like what's new and media storage and lots of others

In conclusion:

This is a pre-installed app, idk why someone said the customer support said it didn't, there is a company called MMI group and I think the app is some kind of test or something but it is pretty sketchy but malwarebytes is fine with it