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Forcing external SD mount away from /mnt/sdcard has no technical merit, it is Google's way of helping hardware vendors to create a differentiation point for phone with more internal memory. There is no reason why applications have to find a way to find the external card when /mnt/sdcard was clearly the place the sdcard should have been and Google's undefined way of loading external SD card is another less than consumer friend plot to make external SD card less useful in newer Android devices. There is NO reason why /data and /mnt/sdcard had to be merged into the same partition on newer version of Android except for manufacturer to differentiate phone with larger internal memory from lower cost units with less internal memory. Even if the merge had to be done, Google should clearly defined a mount STANDARD mounting point for the external SD cards instead of leaving it complete vague. This is completely working against preventing further "segmentation" of the Android eco-system either by oversight or more likely a clumsy design to help vendors differentiation higher end phones against lower cost units with less built-in memory. Android apps binary are tiny, phones with 1-2 Gigs of internal memory should have way more than enough space for hundreds of apps, but then vendors realized they had to have a way to differentiate their higher end product, and claiming a higher internal memory become part of that scheme and crippling the usefulness of external memory is other part of needed for this to work fully. So No, mounting SD card at a place other than /mnt/sdcard is nothing but a business strategy for selling higher priced new phones under newer version of android, nothing more than that.