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app force opens play store when I try to open chrome

I downloaded and installed go launcher and there was an icon pre installed with it. I clicked on it once accidentally and it opened in the play store, now when I try to use Chrome anytime it force opens the play store right away to spartan wars. I can't use Chrome at all now and this is driving me nuts. I'd like to fix this issue without having to uninstall go launcher since I just it set up. In the meantime I downloaded firefox so I can ask this question.

I also installed the game then uninstalled it to no avail.

I got it fixed although I'm not sure which one of these things did the trick.

I went into the application manager and scrolled across to "all"

I then scrolled down Google play store and cleared data.

Next I scrolled down to chrome and I force stopped it then cleared data and turned it off and then back on.

doing that seemed to do the trick although I'm not sure which one of those steps was the right one.

Thanks for the reply to question as well.