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Change Input Method without unlocking the phone?

Recently, I've installed a WiFi Keyboard application to my Android phone. This way, since both the phone and my computer were connected to the same WiFi network, I could access the phone's keyboard from my computer.

After, the phone disconnected from the WiFi network. And got locked (I had a password set at the lock screen).

And now I cannot enter it, because I cannot enable any other keyboard than the WiFi one (which doesn't work because phone has no WiFi).

Can I enable it via adb or any similar way? Are there any solutions to this problem?

What I've tried:

  • I can do nothing on the lock screen, everything's blocked. The swipe doesn't work to change the keyboard. Also there's no settings box. And I cannot drag the notification bar.
  • I tried the adb shell ime command, but without luck. It doesn't seem to do anything. me@myPC:/$ sudo adb shell ime list -s me@myPC:/$

Additional Data:

  • Phone is Samsung Galaxy S3 mini unrooted. Android version is 4.4 I think.
  • Storage and SD card are encrypted. SD card has important data, so I can't simply wipe the phone.
  • I am able to enter my password in the Decryption screen as the normal keyboard shows up, but not in the lock screen.


This problem was solved by booting into safe mode, as proposed by ak11234.

I did so by holding the volume down key while powering on my device (pressed the power on button, waited for the phone logo to show ("Samsung" and the model number), released the power button and held the volume down key until the lock screen appeared).

However, these instructions vary from phone to phone. The ones described worked for Galaxy S3 mini.

You can find instructions for the most common phones that have Android on this webpage: http://www.droidviews.com/how-to-boot-android-devices-into-safe-mode/