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Android Market app throwing "a server error has occurred" error message

TL;DR: Google has ended the support for the Android Market app. Users need to migrate to the Play Store app by installing the compatible version (skip to the last section). Background According to ...
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Can you restart the launcher apart from restarting the phone?

10 years later... The first step is to find the name of your current launcher a.k.a. "Home app". Unless you switched away from the one provided by default, you probably don't know that. The ...
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Is it possible to temporarily disable the screen timeout?

LineageOS features a preinstalled FOSS app Caffeine (that can also be installed to any other Android), that will present you a way to turn off the timeout for some time or indefinitely with a button ...
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Downloading and installing WhatsApp for Android 2.2.1 Froyo

You can find old versions of WhatsApp here. Just navigate to the last (around the last) page to find versions compatible with Android 2.2.1. BUT because those versions are too old, I am sure after you ...
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How can I view title text for a web image ( on an Android based browser?

I created a bookmarklet for this: javascript:(function(){var D=document,i,f,j,e;for(i=0;f=D.images[i];++i)if(f.title!=""){var x=D.createElement("div"),;s.color="Black ...
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No Items on Play Store

Your device is very very old. I am not sure if Google Play Store is still supported on Android 2.2 - if it would be still supported it would be the oldest The current Android development tools can't ...
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Downloading and installing WhatsApp for Android 2.2.1 Froyo

Just get the older .apk file, then install it. While registering, you will get like "This version has gone absolute on Some date", just change your phone's date and time before the given ...
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How do I transfer files to ebook reader from phone using either an OTG cable or wifi?

Now there are plenty of ways to do this; perhaps the easiest method given that you have the OTG cable, is just to use a suitable file explorer (preferably MiXplorer which has custom OTG drivers) in ...
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what to do in 2016 with fine working HTC Desire hardware from 2010?

Try a Cyanogen Mod version for it.. I used HTC Dev site to unlock the boot loader, And then installed CWM Recovery and flashed several custom ROMs, Wich all seem to be based off of CM9 etc....
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How can I prevent my screen from turning off while on a phone call?

I have the same problem of the screen dimming in my LG during a phone call. It matters because I have to sit and listen to really long conference calls, and I have to be ready to turn off Mute to ...
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Can I use 2 android phones as walkie talkie? (without internet!)

I just started using the WiFi Walkie Talkie app. It doesn't have much in the way of flash, but it works extremely simply. As a bonus, it is open-source and ad-free.
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Root no longer root

To avoid unrooting after OTA update, Open SuperSU Go to Settings Enable Pro (you have to purchase the SuperSU Pro from PlayStore) Enable Survival Mode
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How do I copy and paste text between applications?

You can use Hacker's Keyboard and use Ctrl+C to copy, and Ctrl+V to paste.
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