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Is it possible to disable 2g connections completely, while allowing 3/4g connections to continue?

Izzy's comment to the original question is actually correct. On your phone's dialler, dial *#*#4636#*#* and open the Phone information menu. In the Set preferred network type setting, you can now ...
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Can Truecaller get caller ID on 2G connection?

People install the Truecaller app. The app uploads all your contacts' names, mobile numbers, photos, and other details to its server. The app queries its server with the number which is calling you ...
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Tasker/Security Settings 2G switch not working on OnePlus X CM13

So here is the way I solved it: After discovering the right place to edit the preferred network mode I tested to change it: adb shell settings put global preferred_network_mode 1 adb shell settings ...
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Missing 2G only on my Galaxy s4 I9505 on lollipop

Some Samsung devices require root access to launch the hidden testing menu. The normal code will not work in the dialer; even with ADB, you don't have access to the menu. Since you have root access, ...
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