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Izzy's comment to the original question is actually correct. On your phone's dialler, dial *#*#4636#*#* and open the Phone information menu. In the Set preferred network type setting, you can now select the combination of network types that suits you most. Unfortunately the list of network types uses fairly confusing abbreviations, I'll try to shed at ...


Yes it's possible but you need a rooted phone. You can then install the Xposed framework, and the Intelli3G module (available on the Play Store or on xda). Inside the app, you can set any combination you want, like LTE/WCDMA which means 4G/3G but not 2G.


With Xposed module and Gravity Box installed, the pull down status bar can be customised even on stock ROM (of course it has to be rooted). I have a Nexus 5 running stock 4.4.4 and following is how it looks: With these installed, one can swipe down with two fingers from top and just tap the last tile shown as "3G" in the image. Though this nearly misses ...


So here is the way I solved it: After discovering the right place to edit the preferred network mode I tested to change it: adb shell settings put global preferred_network_mode 1 adb shell settings put global preferred_network_mode1 1 adb shell settings put global preferred_network_mode2456921 1 adb shell stop ril-daemon adb shell start ril-daemon The ...


Some Samsung devices require root access to launch the hidden testing menu. The normal code will not work in the dialer; even with ADB, you don't have access to the menu. Since you have root access, just type the following in a terminal on your phone and the hidden testing menu should appear: su -c "am start -n


I've been looking for automated network switching for years, and I had always thought that this kind of behaviour was only possible using Cyanogen (or similar) ROMs. Anyway, I recently found some threads on XDA that suggest that this might not be true. First, it seems that in Sony Devices it's possible to tweak the system to show a 2G/3G toggle: http://www....

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