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Control Android with broken screen from PC

Looks like these days the best solution for controlling an Android phone from a PC is scrcpy. It is being actively maintained, has very high performance (framerate, latency), is available cross-...
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Control Android with broken screen from PC

adbcontrol can do this. It opens a window containing the phone screen on your computer, so you can use it when the phone screen is broken, and you can click and type in the window to control the phone....
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How to disable unread group notifications in Whatsapp?

ShutApp ShutApp is an Android app I developed for rooted devices that will automatically mark your muted WhatsApp chats as read and prevent them from jumping to the top of the chat list, so that you ...
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Control Android with broken screen from PC

One word: Vysor Using the vysor to control my Xperia Z2. See the state of my phone, but Vysor came to the rescue. *if phone reboots and won't connect after plugging in, try removing the micro sd ...
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Control Android with broken screen from PC

You could try to use AndroidScreenCast for you purposes - it's maintainable version of original androidscreencast. It requires only Java and ADB, no phone client, so just run it and use it. I've just ...
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How to display the on screen keyboard when Bluetooth keyboard is connected

I am with an Android 9 tablet, and find the option as: Settings / System (languages, time ...) / Language & input / Physical keyboard ==> There is an option that reads "Show virtual ...
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Where can I find my device product ID using ADB shell commands?

I found this link after hours of searching and trying to unbrick my phone. Just type here your IMEI number and it will show you all the info, hope it helps :) BR!
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Why were some of my contacts automatically merged without notice?

If you want to keep your Whatsapp and Gmail contacts separated. Go to settings accounts take off auto sync. Make sure Google or Whatsapp is NOT running in the background (very important)Delete Google ...
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How to disable autofocus and set focus to infinity?

It appears that Open Camera (net.sourceforge.opencamera) does contain a feature where the focus could be manually set to auto, infinity, macro, manual (locked-on-touch) and continuous. It does appear ...
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Seeing the full text of a long notification

You can expand it by touching the notification and dragging down. The touch part of the gesture is very brief, so it feels like a single, quick gesture. This works on Android 7.1, I can't confirm for ...
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How to add timezone to world clock when you don't know the city?

It's incredibly annoying that Google doesn't care about those things. If your phone is rooted, fire up a terminal or "adb shell" from a computer. Get a root shell by typing "su" and then: setprop ...
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How to watch videos in 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p on YouTube app?

The years have passed since the OP asked the question. Since then things have changed. It is possible to select the quality of the video. When playing a video, click the 3-dot on the right top corner. ...
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Android automatically corrects my volume

Revised earlier solution , optimizing it and reducing it to a single macro - keep it simple (instead of two). This works fine - shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes to set up for test (even if you ...
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Android automatically corrects my volume

Possible reasons to why the problem occurs; Power saving feature (both inherent or acquired from third-party applications. Some users suggest that this can be attributed to a power saving feature in ...
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Mount external SD-card for the secondary user

Some people wrote in 2013 that this is impossible, or at least was impossible back then. Here is what I found on a SonyMobile forum: "Each user gets their own [internal] space and only the owner has ...
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System apps location on Android Jelly Bean

To my knowledge, before Kitkat .apk files of system apps all went to /system/app. Kitkat added the /system/priv-app directory. The structure having an additional directory level came later (LP or MM). ...
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How to use volume key to take picture in Samsung S3 (with android 4.2)

You could always download a new Camera app, like openCamera or Google Camera, that would include the volume as shutter function, if the camera app that came with the phone does not have it.
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How to Force Stop multiple apps at once?

Greenify is also an app that can help you in this problem. It is one of the best task killer and battery saver app that I tried. Greenify's link on Google Play
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Get the original photos after using PhotoSphere?

It is possible: After shooting your photosphere, take a file manager and find the folder that corresponds to your photosphere shooting time. It will have the timestamp in the folder name in a ...
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Cant download apps on my new huawei

I too had the same issue and i have gone through several forums for the help.All have suggested the same . Clear cache and clear data of the playstore. Force stop the playstore. Remove and add ...
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Jellybean 4.2 Auto-Download and Display file

To do it myself I would sure put what you need for rsync or scp in a shell file and put the command in cron: Shell : crontab -e Write : */5 * * * * /home/bly/ You didn't mention ...
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Dual SIM: Disable telephony features on second SIM

You can achieve this by applying call barring on the SIM. Although I know this is a different Andriod version, I am sure you will find something similar to this on my OnePlus 2. Phone app > ...
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android 4.2.2 out of space

(from an Android 4.4.4 user) I began to have this problem after installing the Xposed module "XInstaller". I uninstalled that module and everything went back to normal. Important: It can get easy to ...
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Is it possible to receive files on memory card during wifi direct transfer ? Is it possible to change wifi direct send/receive settings ?

ES File Explorer used to be by choice for Android phones rooted or not, until the development was lagging and not current. FX FileExplorer is to me, the best file manager out there. Has everything ES ...
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How do I root a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE (GT-I9195)?

A friendlier and less intrusive (as in keeping the stock rom whole) alternative is CF-Auto-Root, which supports this phone too: Enter the aforementioned link Download this phone's ZIP file and ...
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How can I repeat each song in a playlist n times?

You may have found this answer or another one by now but a simple way to achieve this (as long as you don't want to use the shuffle function) is to manually create a playlist and add each song ...
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How to display the on screen keyboard when Bluetooth keyboard is connected

On Android 12: Settings > General management > Physical keyboard > Toggle "Show on-screen keyboard".
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Non-root backup with multiple users (non-owner or secondary users)

It would be helpful to be more explicit in what you're doing, like specific adb commands, although I think I'm running into the same issue. I believe what's happening in your situation is that you're (...
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How can I transfer photos to my Android Jelly Bean device while preserving the original timestamp?

You can use adb Enable Developer mode on mobile. Enable USG debugging on mobile. Install ADB on your laptop. Connect your mobile to your laptop using USB. Open your laptop terminal and login to ...
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Android input language adding phonetic variation

After you've added Russian language to GBoard go to Languages, click Russian and it will show you additional keyboard layouts. Swipe right and choose the phonetic layout you like - there are even more ...
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