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I checked the Android source and the value shows your remaining battery capacity in microampere-hours. BATTERY_PROPERTY_CHARGE_COUNTER Added in API level 21 public static final int BATTERY_PROPERTY_CHARGE_COUNTER Battery capacity in microampere-hours, as an integer. Constant Value: 1 (0x00000001) Source -


You can accomplish with automation. Using Automate to demonstrate how to do it: Select the Broadcast Receive block. Click on it, in the Action section, select "Boot completed". Click Done. Select App Start block. Click on it, in the Package section, select the first app you wish to start at boot. Click Done. Select the Interact block. Click on it, in the ...


You can use the overscan subcommand instead of size for achieving your objective. The syntax is adb shell wm overscan left,top,right,bottom, where left, top, right and bottom are the coordinates relative to the actual edges of the screen. So, in your case, you should write adb shell wm overscan 0,100,0,0, to get a resolution of 1080×1820, as you have ...


Is it technically possible to do a block-level (dd) backup of a file? - Yes Is it technically possible to do a block-level (dd) backup of a folder? - No


To manage the system and not give it root access, you neex to use a custom recovery. A custom recovery will allow you to backup your DATA & SYSTEM Partitions so thst you can restore everything easily and safely. The most common custom recovery in my opinion is TWRP or Team Win Recovery Project, this would be the newest most common in succession from ...


Apparently there seems no reason for this, except the possible problem with line endings which often happens. On *NIX operating systems (including Android), lines end with Line Feed (LF; \n or 0x0A) while on DOS/Windows with Carriage Return + Line Feed (CRLF; \r\n or 0x0D0x0A). On Mac, only CR is the end-of-line marker. So some text editors may encode wrong ...

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