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<scrcpy> adb server version () doesn't match this client ()

Some scrcpy distributions include an own adb version. If on your system adb is already present e.g. because you have installed Android SDK or a different tool that includes adb this can result in a ...
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How to get IMEI Number From adb Command

You may not have realized it, but you've actually posted the answer to your own question: Result: Parcel( 0x00000000: 00000000 0000000f ...
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Booting twrp.img with fastboot doesn't work "FAILED (remote: unknown command)

I ran into the same issue. Turned out I was actually in fastbootd mode. Once you reboot into fastboot (without the "d" at the end) the problem is solved.
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stuck on boot-loop

First of all is your device boot into recovery mode or not ? if it is then, just wipe data, system, cache, meta and whatever then connect your device to pc copy paste your then flash. If ...
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How do I reflash both partitions of a Google Pixel 6 Pro device in one go?

If you want to make a minimalistic effort and don't have much experience to modify your flash-all.bat script, just do this. Run flash-all.bat on your existing boot slot. Reboot the phone to fastboot ...
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How to start service 'package' with ADB

I had the same error and finally got it to work by adding su -c. For your case, it should be: adb shell su -c cmd package install-existing --user 0 com.xyzname
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