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I can't start my Moto G60 anymore after locking the bootloader

A locked bootloader only accepts a correctly signed OS image. For the same hardware there can be multiple OS images which each signed by a different key. So just replacing the OS image might have ...
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How can I access multiple user spaces from adb?

In Android 13 I finally found the folder at /data/media/USERID
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Getting "java.lang.SecurityException: Shell does not have permission to access user 150" when uninstalling apps from Samsung Secure folder using ADB

I am expanding on Ashwin's answer. If you have Secure Folder enabled (usually by default), in order to uninstall any other app or even have permission to do something simple with ADB shell such as ...
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Android source code for extracting entries from an APK during installation process

Android app installation process is not very straightforward like APK is opened, files are extracted, and placed in the relevant directories. In fact, scores of components are involved in the app ...
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Can a adb revoke WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS command make my device unrecoverable?

Okay, it did make it unusable. Don't disable system apps.
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Launch settings in work profile

I figured out a workaround. Go to Settings < Apps < Work profile < Settings App < Storage < Clear Data (I don't know if anything else is deleted, so do at your risk, but I didn't lose ...
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Is there a minimal installation of ADB?

on linux Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt install android-tools-adb but for updates, you are at mercy of a distro maintainers...
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Enable USB debugging through recovery mode and ADB sideload

Do those steps above. However, when you get adb access on the phone, use it to rm the gesture or passwd file located in /system/system_ext/etc/passwd. This will remove the lock when you use it. Just ...
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