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Unable to connect via adb on a firewalled Android device

So (especially with the "Connection refused" message) I turned the firewall off, and I immediately could connect. I turned the firewall right back on a few seconds later..., and I could ...
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Getting app data off a huawei u8815/ascend g300 and wileyfox swift

Data backup files created via adb backup only contains the data of those apps which allow backup. For existing backup files files created by adb backup can be easily converted to a tar file using ...
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Get internal storage path for pulling over ADB

You can use this command: ./adb pull /storage/self/primary/
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Android Wireless Debugging Runs Under Different Private IP Range than WiFI

UPDATE: Problem unsurprisingly caused by my own SUE (Stupid User Error). I was running an ad-blocker that poses as a local VPN to filter all traffic, which caused the address change. Sorry for any ...
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ADB stopped working after installing Windows 11 23H2

As soon as I post the question, I think of something else to try, and start finding the solution. The laptop had lost the ability to access ADB devices on its USB-A ports. It could do that via its ...
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ADB Wifi loses connection when device's screen turns off - Realme 7 - Android 10

I have a windows batch file that just calls adb and touches the top left pixel of the screen once every 2 seconds. Leave that running in another command prompt window and your device will never sleep. ...
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How to pull only newer files with “adb pull”? (Android SDK utility)

Because google's official adb pull was slow to support --sync, I found a big guy to modify the aosp adb source code. Add --sync option to adb pull, pulling only newer files. Compiled for windows. Self-...
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