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Use this tag for questions about Android 14 in general, or if the question is possibly only related to Android 14 specifically.

Android 14 has various new restrictions on apps.

The most obvious to end-users is that apps with a targetSdkVersion of 22 or lower cannot be installed. The main reason for this is that such low SDK versions (Android 5.1 or earlier, from 2015 or earlier) are now targeted by malware, so that it can avoid restrictions on apps that target later SDKs. See Android Developer for more details.

If apps targeting SDK version 22 or earlier are already installed on a device when it is upgraded to Android 14 (or later), they remain installed and should continue working.

If you need to test an old app on Android 14, you can side-load it from a computer with this adb command:

adb install --bypass-low-target-sdk-block "FILENAME.apk" 

adb copies the APK into device storage and passes the install options to the pm tool on the device.