Your best bet is Google Takeout. I'm unsure whether it lists sideloaded and system apps as well. Download the Google Play Store data only. Extract the data from the archive and look for your app in the files Install.json and Library.json under Google Play Store directory. Those two files can be opened in a text editor, such as Notepad++, Sublime Text Editor, ...


I solved the issue by installing ClockworkMod, and Aroma file manager with a sdcard, then I removed the next files: password.keypattern.key locksettings.db locksettings.db-shm locksettings.db-wal Useful links: HOW TO: Install ClockworkMod Recovery 6 on Galaxy S5 G900F Remove /Bypass Lockscreen With Recovery


The issue is easily resolved by connecting the amazon stick to the correct primary WiFi channel, usually that is 2.4GHz channel by default. If your stick is connected to the 5GHz channel of your network it might not be discoverable by the adbLink.

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