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as for now android R (11) x86_64 supports arm application , just tested it and it works , but there is no way to root it , if you look for testing applications will be for nothing


The solution: HOWTO install Debian 10 (buster) on your non-rooted Android smartphone What is it? a shell script to install Debian 10 (buster) via debootstrap in a Termux environment supported Debian versions also include: Debian testing (bullseye), Debian unstable (sid) supported architectures include: armel, armhf, arm64, i386, amd64 no root permissions ...


Even though Google states that this works for the Android 9 and 10 images as well from my experience it works only for the Android 11 preview images. I have tested this on Windows using the latest default x86 Google enabled images shown in the emulator manager for Android 10 and 11. As test app I used an Telegram armv7 only apk file from 2019: Android-R - (...

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