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Google Authenticator in version 5.10 (as of 2020 now, finally) permits backup of all keys (which can then be saved by screenshot to Cloud, or transferred between phones), just update and click your GA toolbar. Please reference I reformulated for the prior/older version information.


I don't know if it's still has a point but it's your camera app


Here's what you do : -- If you are rooted with Super Su. Use this guide to remove SuperSu -- Install Magisk. Phone to phone there is some variation. Use this guide to install Magisk. -- Install Magisk ? ok now use Magisk Hide option and see if it detects. If it does then use a 2nd op in Magisk to repackage it randomly to another name and every chance ...


The solution below will set Private DNS to "Automatic" on SSID: 'SSID-1' and 'SSID-2' Everything else will set Private DNS to your entered Private DNS hostname in settings. Install Tasker. Set up tasker as follow: (Change SSID-1/SSID2 to your name) Profile: AutoPrivateDNS State: Wifi Connected [ SSID:SSID-1/SSID-2 MAC:* IP:* Active:...


get termux from f-droid . The play store version isnt capable of doing advanced stuff on modern versions of android


You can setup a Tasker profile that is based on either a location or a WiFi network to trigger the task. Set the task to change the custom setting for private DNS with the hostname dependent on which network you are on.


Because since Android 8.0 Oreo, Android supports autofill framework natively, and the input fields are considered as account credentials. Android introduced autofill framework in Android 8.0 Oreo. It allows autofill services (e.g. Google Autofill, password managers, etc.) to save and automatically fill the data on autofill clients (e.g. Android apps) when ...


If you might be a bit suspicious of using a jar from a not-so-well-known fork of apktool (kikfox) ; or a Google Drive link You may be pleased to know that you can build it yourself rather easily from the official APKtool github site, following the easy-to-follow official instructions. It just takes a few minutes. I tried with an apk that had been giving ...

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