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How can I edit APK's library files (.so files)?

Editing the package name of an existing app that you are not a developer can be a challenge. Also, unlike editing the Smali code, editing binary files can indeed break the app. Here is some points ...
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Connect to Frida server on same device

You can use is a Frida's shared library meant to be loaded by programs to be instrumented (when the Injected mode of operation isn’t suitable). By simply loading the ...
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Can 2 apps access camera at the same time, especially in a rooted Android phone?

There are a number of questions here and I'll start for the non-root/stock ROM: Q1: Can app A use the camera at the same time as app B? A1: No. From
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Transfering WhatsApp Data Between Two Phones

According to Google, there is some 3rd party software which will merge 2 WhatsApp backups. You will have to generate a backup file of both your installations. Here is an extensive XDA forum post about ...
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Auto-accept set default for USB device

Finally, I found the storage USB permission file on /data/system/users/0/usb_device_manager.xml I pulled it onto my desktop adb pull /data/system/users/0/usb_device_manager.xml D://YourFolder And ...
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McDonald's app showing "Your device did not pass our security check ..."

Try to run a safety net test on the device. Check if they have a custom recovery, or if the bootloader is unlocked. If it is Samsung, check if Knox is triggered. How do you know it is not rooted? In ...
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Mtkclient | mediatek phone won't boot into brom/boot rom mode

This is due to Motorola disabling the ability to boot into brom mode on newer Mediatek devices. I have the Moto G 5G 2022(Metro PCS) and I have unlocked the bootloader and rooted with Magisk, I think ...

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