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Receiving Chinese blocks of texts in the Messaging app

Cause It's likely caused by either/both character encoding incompatibility and/or wrong character encoding, resulting in mojibake (garbled text): Character encoding incompatibility SMS, or text ...
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How can I ignore the AT&T software update?

So, I know this is old, but for the record...I found a way to block all updates without root. I downloaded a tool called debloater (google it) and blocked: wssyncmldm.apk wssyncmlnps.apk LocalFOTA.apk ...
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Motorola Photon Q AT&T HD Voice support?

Please read the very comprehensive article about AT&T 3G shutdown + VoLTE requirement: T-Mobile will require VoLTE for all phones starting January 2021, AT&T to follow suit in February 2022 – ...
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Google calendar force closing after OTA update (SM-G930A)

Ended-up flashing the old firmware (links on xda) and redoing the OTA upgrade. Worked fine this time, which makes me think the first OTA file was munged. Doesn't AT&The have any error-checking ...
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Download AT&T OTA update while out of country

You need to be connected to the AT&T network to receive the update, which isn't possible if you're abroad. If you can't get the update through auto updates on your phone, or via Kies, then you ...
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How do I get OTA from I got last update np. Had no idea my s5active even had custom rom yesterday update failed "kernel" in red locked me out.

The thing is AT&T's S5 Active doesn't have Marshmallow available yet, at least as far as my investigation goes. The best thing you can do is back things up, use Odin to reflash phone (to clean up ...
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Youtube/Netflix randomlly pauses and displays pause icon after rooting/deleting apps

The problem may be that Smart Pause is not being smart In the gesture settings menu see if smart pause is enabled, and disable it. Smart Pause is a feature that, using the front facing camera, ...
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Says Connected to Wifi But Can’t Get Internet or YouTube

Dns probe image no internet error.You can try changing your ip settings from DHCP to static and connecting to GOOGLE dns. Important: Before you start: Before you change your DNS settings to use ...
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How to root Samsung Galaxy S5 for AT&T with Lollipop

Here's an XDA instructions to root Samsung S5 G900A (AT&T): That's the only solution I found working! ...
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