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As in most things, it depends. In this case, since you do not state your device, I will demonstrate from mine, a Samsung 8, running Android 9 (One UI). It explicitly allows dual Bluetooth through settings. If this is your device, click through to it at Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Advanced > Dual Audio > ON The setting allows sound ...


I solved my issue by using a app called AutoVoice in combination with Tasker. In Android Settings, Apps, Default Apps, Assist & Voice Input I selected AutoVoice. In Tasker I created a Profile which is a Event triggered by Plugins > AutoVoice > AutoVoice BT Pressed and the connected Task contains only Media Control, Switch Pause, Simulate Media ...


I have found the answer to this question, As User @Robert commented on my post, And i installed BatOn And now the battery usage shows up. Thank you!.


Apart from soldering 1 Bluetooth receiver output to two Bluetooth transmitter inputs, I cannot see a way to do it with the current Android Bluetooth setup. It only allows one device paired at a time. Could be an interesting hardware project if you are into that kind of thing. Your phone connects to the Bluetooth receiver, while your two Bluetooth headsets ...

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