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It is (still) not possible currently to insert a bookmark with Google Docs for Android (version 1.20.494.04.33). The only option to insert a bookmark is via the computer as stated on Docs Editor Help: Work with links, bookmarks, section breaks, or page breaks: Add a bookmark Bookmarks are not available on Android; you’ll have to use a computer.


On Android the communication between the web browser and the sms app bases on "Intents". based on your description the problematic component in this set-up is the web browser. Hence using a different app that can send Intents to other apps or using the adb shell can be helpful for testing out SMS links directly. There a a lot of apps in Google ...


If I understand your question correctly, you want to: Let users add bookmarklets from your own website in Chrome for Android. To achieve this, you could use JavaScript to add a bookmark from here: If this does not work, you could use JavaScript to copy the bookmarklet into the user's clipboard. Not really ...

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