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I was using adb from an Armv7 device and trying to sideload a ROM, where I got this error (adb sideload ROM). Frustrated, I tried pushing the ROM (adb push ROM and make sure the phone is NOT in the sideload state) and got the exact same error. This turned out to be the fault of the USB driver, and was nothing to do with adb nor the ROM. I have heard that ...


Yes it is possible. As Irfan mentioned there are hacks which allow, essentially, dual booting with a Linux distro, the list of which is rapidly expanding. Dual booting native Android ROMs is possible as well. Dual Boot Patcher app by xda developer Anik_khan allows just such a scheme. Additionally devices with A/B partitions certainly can dual boot(although /...


Android is an Operating System, similar to Windows. Windows does not have a BIOS either, the computer has a BIOS. Phones don't have a BIOS though, they have firmware.

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