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Use this tag if your issue is specific to the web browser. If applicable, chose a more specific tag instead for e.g. 'dolphin-browser', 'stock-browser', 'browser-history', etc. See the full tag wiki for more details.

What is a browser?

A (web) browser is a software for retrieving information, usually web pages, on the World Wide Web (which is typically accessed via the Internet).

What is this tag about?

This is a tag for rather generic browser questions. If your issue is with a specific browser, or with a specific browser feature, please check the "related tags" section below if there might be a better fitting tag.

Related tags

  • : issues with the bookmark feature of different browsers
  • : issues with one of the several browser add-ons some web browsers support
  • : issues concerning the browser history (containing e.g. visited sites' URLs)
  • : issues with Google's Chrome browser for Android
  • : issues specific to the Dolphin browser app
  • : issues with Firefox for Android
  • : if your issue is even more generic than just about your browser
  • : issues with Opera's mobile browser for Android
  • : issues with the pre-installed web browser

Web Browser

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