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tl:dr; addressing OP's question - sorry, no way AFAIK. From Android 10 onwards normal apps can't access IMEI number. Revised answer with additional inputs from Izzy (thanks) How do apps (Google or third party) identify you? Apps identify a device using: Some or all of device identifiers, mainly Android ID, GSF Android ID, build serial number, and ...


I don't know exactly how each app implements this but I wold assume that they use the ANDROID_ID. Each app gets an ID that does not change. ANDROID_ID is a random number generated on first boot after factory reset. On old devices all apps (with the appropriate permission) can get access to this ID. The ID is the same for all apps. On modern devices each app ...


You might need to use a completely different Google account to sign into your phone. It would be interesting to see if a friend is able to log in to their account using your phone; but before risking getting their account banned keep reading. If the problem revolves around creating a new account using your phone's app and having that account banned then you ...


Samsung Internet browser's package name is You should check the cache files under the folder /data/data/ Note that you need root access to read that folder.


Simply click on "Reboot system now".


I forgot array is such a thing. I solved my own problem # Assigning app-name into $apps apps=($(ls /data/data/)) # Looping each app for app in "${apps[@]}"; do # Deleting $app/cache/ contents rm -rf /data/data/$app/cache/* done


The regular Firefox for Android is not a privacy-focused browser, it's a general purpose browser with (IMHO) the best privacy defaults that balances privacy and day-to-day usability, but it's not meant for high privacy. You should use Firefox Focus instead, which is actually designed to be an incognito browser. Additionally, if you really need the highest ...

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