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They should be in crt format to be installed.


To add to XMB5's answer, you can do this on a rooted phone using the following commands: adb shell su sed -i 's%<string name="CaPath">.*</string>%<string name="CaPath"></string>%' /data/misc/apexdata/ sed -i 's%<string name="DomSuffixMatch">.*</string>%<...


The error indicates that the root CA certificate is the cause, but your server certificate also looks "defect" as it's validity period is too long. Most web browsers do no accept validity periods longer than 13 months. The Subject Alternative Name extension is present so that should not cause problems (this extension is now mandatory). For the root ...


I ended up writing my own proxy to solve this [1], inspired by another project [2]. To capture TLS handshake, go to Android Chrome App info, then Storage, then MANAGE SPACE, then CLEAR ALL DATA, then OK. Then start the server, and go to Android Emulator Extended Controls. Choose Manual proxy configuration, then enter: and click Apply. Then ...

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