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Ascertaining damage from fully discharged android phone

Battery Cycle count is a more reliable yardstick compared to battery capacity in mAh see note at end. It is likely your phone shows this information under Settings → About phone → Battery information....
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Long term battery capacity degradation

I would argue that this is not really acceptable. You would reasonably expect a battery to be at or above 80% after 2 years - assuming you take reasonable care of it. (The 80% appears to be a ...
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Measure power usage (wattage, voltage and current) while charging an Android device

First, in Ampere, you can multiply the battery charging / decrease rate in amps by the battery voltage, to get the charging/usage rate in watts. The system does this by measuring how much current goes ...
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Gabb Phone Z2 not prompting me for USB file transfer

The two most likely scenarios are You are using a different cable. Cables come in many configurations such as Data only Power only Data and Power The current cable probably only has wires to do ...
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