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Merging whatsapp database of two different accounts

Merging two different account in whatsapp is not possible, when you change the number, all your groups will remain same but it can not merge two accounts. Whatsapp backup or restore the chat on the ...
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How do I restore Whatsapp from backup after skipping the restore option?

If you still have your old phone, recovery will be pretty easy First of all make sure to turn on backup on your new phone. WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chat Settings > Backup conversations. ...
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Changing WhatsApp number without losing chat histories

WhatsApp makes it very simple to change your number. After changing your number, everything will stay the same. All your groups and chats will stay intact. To change your number, open WhatsApp ...
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Whatsapp: iPhone to Android: 0 messages restored

It seems like Wazzap Migrator was the answer, it costs money to restore media as well. To extract the conversations + media: 1. Download the free backup extractor http://www.wazzapmigrator.com/faq/...
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Merging WhatsApp chat histories from different devices but same account

The most realistic approach I've found is this: decrypt the WhatsApp backup file with the WhatCrypt app merge two sql databases. encrypt it Although the approach looks promising, WhatCrypt 2.4 ...
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