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HTML does not find local links and local images (Chrome on Android 10)

First, it is not true that all files are accessible on Windows-10 and browser. This is for security On Windows, you need something like IIS or Apache running. I expect its the same on Android.
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How do I disable zooming on text input focus?

That's a "solution" for the question asked, but it's a quite efficient workaround. What helped me was: Open mobile browser "settings" Go to "accessibility" Turn on the &...
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How can I disable the "Include surrounding text" setting, once enabled?

In the Chrome app, from the overflow (3 vertical dots) menu, select Settings. Select Google services. Tap Touch to Search. Tap Include surrounding text in Google searches.
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Resetting a synced Android Chrome profile

You can reset your Chrome profile settings to defaults at chrome://settings/reset (site won't let me link because it doesn't begin with https://, sorry). This is the simplest version of a Chrome ...
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