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I noticed that the Chrome version on my new phone was older than the old phone. After many failed attempts, I was able to update Chrome to the latest version from the Play Store. Voila! The shortcuts now work.


After some research and digging github issues, here is my own solution: In general I have to do: inject custom/self-written JS to chrome android figure out why it didn't work and the element value changes back to its old / empty value call correct function so 'react' framework can change the input element AND its internal / 2-way binded data First step: ...


Go to settings, apps, Chrome, there's a menu "browser app", where you may change the default browser from webview to Chrome. This is probably related to the recent change to Webview. Google has decided that opening links with a generic chromium browser without any stored user information is more convenient for the user.


Try opening phone settings - then look for applications or app management or apps or apps and notification such options. Then try to navigate to list of applications. Look for chrome application. Then click on App permission & make sure the needed permission is given. In settings menu - additional settings look for quick ball. In quick ball settings ...


There is actually a way to see how many tabs you have open without rooting the device or doing any other things people are suggesting Just simply, enable Talkback mode in accessibility features. Then when you hover (if you have Bluetooth mouse enabled) or tap the tab icon (with your finger) (the :D), it will tell you how many tabs you have open. Like on mine,...

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