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How does the app SD Maid find leftover files from apps that the user has already uninstalled?

First, this app has two versions - SD Maid (which is quoted in the link, recognizing by app logo since I have both versions on my device) and SD Maid SE. I can't link them (see next bullet). The ...
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What exactly will clearing storage cached data do?

It will clear the caches of all your apps. It's the same data you can clear by tapping the Clear cache button on the App info page for each app in Application Manager, except this clears the cache for ...
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What data can I delete to clear up space?

Android by default won't let you delete system files. So do not worry. IMHO, the first step to free up storage, would be to uninstall your unnecessary apps, followed by deleting old/not required media ...
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How can one delete all text message threads except for a few ones on Pixel 6?

Be aware in newer versions of Messages, you can go to Profile Pic - Message Settings - Message Organization and enable the option "Auto-delete OTPs after 24 hours"... this can help a lot. ...
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