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How do I invert colours inside a specific app?

For me Tasker did the job, but you need an additional Tasker plug in for this, called AutoTools. On my bq android device root wasn't needed to do the job. I set up a profile to invert the screen when ...
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Text bubble randomly changing color on Galaxy S6's stock Messaging app on Android 6.0

After a lot of research I haven't (and from the comments, it looks like neither have other users) been able to find any resources on the internet regarding this curious phenomenon. I am, therefore, ...
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How do I invert colours inside a specific app?

Since the answer is a little light on details for novice Tasker users (like me). Here is how to do it step by step: Download and install Tasker Free trial version here Import the example for Tasker ...
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How to change contact colors with Messages 3.5?

You can't change it. There is an ongoing discussion in Google product forums. You can give a feedback there as also from the app OR uninstall this and find the previous version apk and install that ...
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How can I invert the colors for only a given application on Android? (and not for all applications)

Not possible on stock Android. Google help clearly says : Color inversion applies to everything on your device, including media. If you are on Android 10 using Dark theme and Color inversion ...
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Making the white bar below the keyboard black

Use substratum theme engine for this purpose. You can theme individual ui element with the help of this. You screenshot looks like you are using oreo build so you can use substratum even without root. ...
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1 vote

Where is color information stored in android apps ?

Under values > color.xml Your themes file ( values > styles.xml ) can link specific colors from this file like follows.. Style Script .. <style name="AppTheme" parent="Theme.AppCompat.Light....
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