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How can I calibrate the compass on my phone?

In the current version of Google Maps, you can calibrate the compass any time you like by tapping the blue dot representing your current location and selecting "Calibrate compass".
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Why doesn't Android compass react to magnet?

The sensor algorithm people worked hard to make sure that the "compass sensor" is not affected by stray ambient magnetic field. If you want to see magnetic field data, use the magnetic field sensor ...
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Pokemon Go without compass?

I had a similar issue- but do not worry! Your device can grab your location using your mobile data/Wi-Fi. Its less accurate than the GPS, but it certainly works.
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Difference between a gyro sensor and a compass sensor?

A compass is showing north, nothing more. A gyro sensor checks the horizontal position, where is up and down. With this sensor you can create these funny games like "Waterslide", where the phone ...
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Google Maps blue arrow does not appear on the blue location dot (to show direction)

I thought the Moto G4 Plus had no compass. I own one I like it but I thought it had no NFC or compass in the hardware. Maybe that is causing some of your issues?
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2 votes

Why is the looking direction often completely wrong while going by bus?

I registered the same phenomenon when going by one type of electric tramway in Prague on my old Motorola phone. It is happening because of strong electromagnetic fields from electric motors. But it ...
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Does Google Maps require a compass to show the direction you are facing?

Yes, it requires compass or magnetometer sensor to show the direction Specific to Moto G4 plus, maps will work but you will not be able to see direction as you guessed. See Alpha Dog Senior Moderator ...
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Retrieving my google contacts

As your contacts are synchronized with your Google account, you can: get them in Google Contacts or use an export tool to select just the contacts you want and export them to a CSV file.
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1 vote

Compass not working on Doogee T6

Unfortunately, I assume, your phone does not have a magnetic compass. Some sources do confirm this assumption: (under "Sensors") http://www....
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1 vote

Pokemon Go without compass?

I use the HTC Desire 626, which also lacks a magnetic sensor. You can load up Pokémon GO, create a character, and get your starter, but you are unable to load any additional pokémon, any pokéstops, or ...
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1 vote

Pokemon Go without compass?

Yes, without compass, your experience is incomplete, you needed it for know the way to follow the pokemon, but AR works fine.
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1 vote

Re-Calibrate Android Compass

As long as your phone is aligning you on the maps with the right direction, it should be fine. I've noticed that the wizard coms up automatically once in awhile, (roughly more like once a week) on my ...
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How does compass calibration work?

I've tested the compass fields measurments provided by Android phone and found out, that if I rotate the phone by 180 degrees, the field doesn't change to exactly opposite, which must be the case if ...
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