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Go to your phone's System settings→Accounts→(select your account), then turn off Contacts sync. After that try to delete the contacts from the contacts app.


Best way: Sure way with back up Idea: Save your contacts to a file (.vcf) from your phone. Then transfer that file to your computer. Log on from your computer to Google account, go to contact page, then chose IMPORT option using that .vcf file. If you can plug in a chip (USB) to your phone to copy the .vcf file, that works flawlessly when you plug the ...


This is what I did when I need to have a backup of my contacts. Because I lost most of them in a factory reset. But some contacts were there in my gmail account and sim card. So I did, I copy all the contacts to the gmail account I have connected.(copied to 2 accounts) Using google contacts app I remove duplicated and empty contacts. I have selected my ...


Most of the contacts backup apps lack one feature or the other e.g. they don't backup high resolution photo when creating .vcf file. So I prefer CLI method to extract contacts data directly from database file using some scripting, but it requires root. That's how I do scheduled back up of my contacts without Google account. The following script doesn't save ...

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